2012: Schools as Ecosystems and Beyond

2012 has been a great year for this blog, as this year ushered in the very existence of this collaborative effort, commencing in February with a post from both Will and Mark on GothamSchools.

Over the course of the year, in addition to writing over 100 posts on this blog, garnering over 32,000 views, Will wrote a powerful NY Times editorial, “Confessions of a ‘Bad’ Teacher“, that struck at the heart of the teacher evaluation debate, and a post on Jacobin, “Lean Production“, that challenged the business model in education. I left my former elementary school, and participated in The Nation’s live chat with Dana Goldstein on the topic of standardized testing.

Will and I have both been slammed with our professional duties over the past few months, and so our blog postings here have slimmed down substantially. However, that does not mean that we haven’t been active in writing and reflecting on our model. Over the last 2-3 months, Will and I worked together to write an essay forwarding our model of Schools as Ecosystems, which we hope will win a contest! Next steps will be to begin pulling together research and a book proposal.

As it seems to be customary for bloggers to post a round up of the top 10 posts for the year, I will duly follow suit with the top 10 for Schools as Ecosystems (according to pageviews, which I always take with a grain of salt, but I’ll roll with because they just so happen to neatly divide equally between Will and I!):

10. Hurricane Sandy and Resilience by Will Johnson

9. The Power of Edtech: Idolatry and Pragmatism by Mark Anderson

8. Defining “Waste” in Public Education by Will Johnson

7. Achievement vs. Equity: A False Dichotomy by Mark Anderson

6. Relationships Matter by Mark Anderson

5. The Hunger Games: Race to the Top! by Will Johnson

4. Planting Seeds by Will Johnson

3. We Are Not Hippies by Mark Anderson

2. Quote of the Day: Hold Schools Responsible for Context and Content by Mark Anderson

1. Of Mice and Men and Students First by Will Johnson

We wish all of our readers a happy new year!

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