The State of Our Schools

Check out this report from The Center for Green Schools on the state of our nation’s schools. It highlights the critical need for investment in school infrastructure, and the reality that the poorest communities have the worst school conditions.
The report notes further that a comprehensive survey of school conditions have not been conducted for over 18 years and call for an immediate Government Accountability Office study.
The report also outlines some tenets of healthy school environments which we have frequently outlined here on Schools as Ecosystems, such as air quality, acoustics, daylight, and a new one to add to our lexicon, levels of “thermal comfort.” 
They reference a California state report that provides a roundup of the conclusions from some interesting studies. For example:

Students who receive instruction in buildings with good environmental conditions can earn test scores that are 5–17 percent higher than scores for students in substandard buildings.

I’m going to return to a point that I’ve made before and will continue making: if we want to be a first class nation, we must begin by treating all of our nation’s children as first class citizens.

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