Only Preoccupied, Not Blank

Prometheus Steals Fire for Mankind
Courtesy of Wikipedia 

If you tried to access this here blog any time recently, intrepid world wide web traveler, you may have encountered an utterly blank screen. My apologies.

I messed with my blog’s template and left some stray code in it which prevented it from loading. I then chalked it up to a browser malfunction when it failed to load on my own computer. I’ve been a bit busy with other things, so I didn’t get around to investigating it further until now.

That would certainly explain why my traffic dropped so precipitously.

Anyway, I would love it if you would check out my thoughts on the Common Core over on the Core Knowledge Blog. As is my wont, I wax prolix, but my points are steeped in reflection on the experiences I’ve had in my classrooms and schools over the last few years, as the Common Core has wended its contentious way down the pipeline. I tried to make some practical suggestions for effective implementation in my post (two more are on their way!), while at the same time untangling the underlying educational philosophies that stand in the way.

Having my writing up on the Core Knowledge site is a great honor for me, as I highly respect the folks that are featured there, such as the great man himself, E.D. Hirsch, Lisa Hansel, Robert Pondiscio, Diana Senechal, Daniel Willingham, Jessica Lahey, Rachel Levy, and others.

As Common Core standards move into implementation, I see the same mistakes perpetuated that the standards were created to address. Adults in schools pretend they are doing something new, but they’re just calling old things by new names. Why is this? Well, you’ll have to head on over to Core Knowledge to to find out . . . .

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