Alice Waters on School Lunches; Bjork on Nature

Will posted recently about Congress’ consideration of rolling back school lunch reform.

Alice Waters wrote a compelling Op-Ed in Time magazine on this point, entitled “The Fate of Our Nation Rests on School Lunches.” I don’t think such a pronouncement could be considered hyperbole. Here’s her words:

As with many institutions and universal ideas in this nation in recent years, it seems that even something as right and as basic as feeding children food that is good for them has become politicized.

By allowing fast-food culture into the cafeteria, we have effectively endorsed that industry’s values, helped facilitate the obesity epidemic, widened the achievement gap and aided an addiction to junk. Even in the short term these costs, both tangible and intangible, dwarf the budget for a universal — and real — school food program. The idea of school lunch as an egalitarian mechanism to nourish our nation’s potential has long been discarded and devalued. We are faced with an enormous crisis of health, education and inequality.

We need to have the courage and conviction to establish a nutritious, sustainable, free school-lunch program for all.

Whether our elected representatives have such courage and conviction remains to be seen.

In other news, but related to the activist front, this time on environmental protection, here’s a fun, meandering article about Björk and her fight to protect natural areas in Iceland from aluminum companies.

“I’m not saying we go back to the past and live in a cave, but to have a smooth route into the 21st century it makes sense to embrace technology and give ourselves options, not have a dirty industrial revolution. We need to take a short cut to the green sh**!”


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