Studying Segregation in NYC

Marilyn Rhames, whom I’ve written about here before, generously offered her (much more prestigious) blogging space, “Charting My Own Course” to share a unit of study on segregation which my 8th graders undertook last year. Please read the full piece to learn more about the surprises that my students and I discovered along the way, and while you’re at it, follow Rhames’s excellent and thoughtful blog on Education Week (you can also find her on Twitter).

Here’s a taster:

When it comes to conversations on race, it’s important that we provide students with multiple perspectives, rather than jump immediately to the convenient, “safe,” or conventional narratives so often conveyed by media headlines or by superficial references to history. The tension between white and black communities is not only a matter of individual prejudice, nor is it an issue relegated to a distant past. We won’t move forward in improving race relations unless we are able to critically examine and study those relations more deeply, so that we can understand our own and others’ prejudices and ideals.

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