Back at It. & Photos

I’ve had a packed and busy school year, so for these last few weeks, I took a hiatus from all matters education—and news and social media in general—to visit Ireland and Scotland. I greatly enjoyed the architecture, green and blue expanses, non-humidity, whisky, beer, haggis, and blood pudding. Here’s some pictures:

DSCN5058 IMG_20150710_112918~2 IMG_20150709_172736~2 DSCN5031 DSCN5024 DSCN5019 IMG_20150708_212336~2 DSCN5010 DSCN4975 DSCN5123 IMG_20150713_211639 IMG_20150713_145119 DSCN5134 DSCN5128 IMG_20150712_174048 DSCN5081 DSCN5072 DSCN5251 DSCN5240 DSCN5218 DSCN5209 IMG_20150715_205033 DSCN5205 IMG_20150715_164511 IMG_20150715_160407 IMG_20150715_130044 IMG_20150714_185043 IMG_20150714_155225-EFFECTS IMG_20150714_115943-PANO IMG_20150714_122444 DSCN5398 DSCN5390 DSCN5370 DSCN5356 DSCN5353 DSCN5333 DSCN5324 IMG_20150717_164902 DSCN5318 DSCN5316 DSCN5308 DSCN5306 DSCN5302 DSCN5300 IMG_20150716_183243 DSCN5275

Now I’m back to work, doing a summer residency with one education organization and virtual contracting with another. I’ll be posting more as I shed the sweet remnants of Britannia from my soul. . .

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