The Doorway Effect

One of the many delightfully mysterious "closes" of Edinburgh's old town.
One of the many delightfully mysterious “closes” of Edinburgh’s old town.

“Our memories, even for our goals, are embedded in webs of associations. That can be the physical environment in which we form them, which is why revisiting our childhood home can bring back a flood of previously forgotten memories, or it can be the mental environment – the set of things we were just thinking about when that thing popped into mind.

The Doorway Effect occurs because we change both the physical and mental environments, moving to a different room and thinking about different things.”

–Tom Stafford, “Why you forget what you came for when you enter the room” on Mind Hacks

Education Benefits Women Unequally (and that’s a good thing)

“For all three abilities tested, there was a relationship between the size of the differences in the amount of education and the size of the difference in cognitive performance: fewer years of education for women was associated with worse scores for women, as you’d expect.

What varied for the three abilities was in the researchers’ predictions for the situation where men and women spent an equal amount of time in education: for memory this scenario was associated with a distinct female advantage, for numeracy a male advantage and for verbal fluency, there was no difference.”

–Tom Stafford, “Are men and women destined to forever think differently?” on Mindhacks