Quote of the Day: Teaching in the Sausage Factory

Mark and I must feel particularly nerdy this week, as we’ve gone from Emerson to Ken Wilber in two days. Today I had Marx on my mind and dug out this quote from Chapter 16 of Capital:

“If we may take an example from outside the sphere of production of material objects, a schoolmaster is a productive labourer when, in addition to belabouring the heads of his scholars, he works like a horse to enrich the school proprietor. That the latter has laid out his capital in a teaching factory, instead of in a sausage factory, does not alter the relation.”

What’s he talking about? Value-added! What’s he saying? Basically, the folks who run the factory don’t care if we’re producing students or sausages; they just want us to do more for less. Anybody out there who works in a public school disagree?


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